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Should You Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

There are many issues in the law that are difficult to answer. This one is not. Yes, you should absolutely hire an attorney who is experienced in preparing a disability application and a disability case for a hearing. The reasons are simple. First, the government pays the costs of the attorney – you don’t, so there is no cost. Second – you greatly enhance your chances of success.

There is a lot of technical work that goes into a well prepared disability case hearing. The experienced attorney knows and understands the documents and evidence that must be prepared and available in order for the claim to succeed.

Law and Reality has selected a premier group of social security disability attorney to handle such matters. Similar to personal injury, our selection process is not based upon what you see on TV – it is based on our years of experience in the legal community and our knowledge of the quality and competency of the lawyers in the community.


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