Just When Things Were Calm…

You know what I’m going to say next. . . . the [sic] hits the fan! At times, we long for the current crisis to pass and to have some “off time” where the water is calm, the beach is quiet and we can live our lives on an even keel. Fortunately, though we may forget, these time do occur. Unfortunately, the converse also occurs. Things calm down and we feel good, resume our pattern of life and then another crisis hits. As Frank would say, “That’s life.”

There is little we can do to stop this truism. We can, however, take smart precautionary steps to lessen the burden of the crisis when it hits. One of the most obvious and often missed solutions is to make sure your parents (and you) have a current Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney so that, if (and when) health falters, you can act on their behalf in circumstances where dementia or other frailties cause them to lose the legal capacity to act on their behalf. I went through this the last year for both my brother and then my father. Without a proper Healthcare Power of Attorney (often called an Advanced Directive), two miserable events would have been more miserable. You might say – is it worth taking action to make misery less miserable? My answer is – YES – it is. The process of suffering with a family member’s severe illness and end of life – is something we must all face. We know it, we’re resigned to it – and we do it. But it is stressful and pressure-packed. Having the Healthcare Power and Durable Power is a tremendous benefit because it minimizes the misery. Sure – you still have the sadness, the loss and the time you need to attend to your loved one. But the good side is you eliminate the added burden of running to the probate court for appointment and authority act. This added burden – can push you over the edge – which is the last thing you need at such a time.

It so happens, that next Wednesday evening, we have a Free Seminar which covers this topic along with Estate Planning, proper Medicaid Planning and debt issues for the Elderly. If you’re free – be sure to sign up. If not – you can call us anytime to schedule a meeting. Estate planning is something that needs to be done and there’s no better time – than back to school time to attend to such matters

Have a great weekend,