Snowflakes and Credit Card Debt

I’m anticipating our first blast of snow for the season. Can you guess the relationship between snowflakes and credit card debt? Think about the first few flakes that fall. They […]

Get Over It And Let’s Move On

The election, by anyone’s assessment, was controversial and divisive. The media certainly misjudged the strength of Trump’s pull, as did the pollsters. Those upset with the outcome –– need to […]

Election Break – Cash Still Counts & Daylight Savings Time is Bad for the Economy!

If you’re like me – you need a break from the election campaign news. On the election, the best I can say is that Tuesday it should all end and […]

I’m Glad He Listened To Me

An acquaintance of mine – Phil (not his real name) earned a good living and from all appearances was doing well. In 2011, he asked me for advice as to […]

The Ultimate Question Remains the Same – Where Will the Money Come From?

Thursday’s Wall Street Journal reported that Consumer Retail Spending dropped .3% in August. At the same time, credit card debt in the US rose in the 2nd Quarter for 2016 […]

Another School Year Hath Begun… Time to Get Going!

Weather wise, it certainly has been a nice summer. Old Mr. Weather even managed to make sure the holidays had great summer days. I think we should tip our hats […]

It Happens All the Time…

Of course, we all hear on a regular basis that it’s important to have an estate plan. What happens if the unexpected occurs? While we hear this, it is amazing […]

The Important Fact That Wasn’t in This Headline

My eyebrows peaked up when I saw the title of a story in the Wall Street Journal on Friday– “U.S. Consumer Credit Increased at Slowest Pace in 4 Years in […]

Thanks, Dad

We often talk about “Elder Law” – and the legal steps that need to be taken to protect our parents in their aged and frail state. Recently–– I’ve experienced the […]

47% of Americans – $400.00

In  The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans,  published in the May issue of The Atlantic (available at, author Neil Garber leads his story with a recent Federal Reserve Board […]