Another School Year Hath Begun… Time to Get Going!

Weather wise, it certainly has been a nice summer. Old Mr. Weather even managed to make sure the holidays had great summer days. I think we should tip our hats to that. Do you think this is a trend that we can rely on for the future? Does this mean the Winter that’s coming will be mild and we can plan on a warm, sunny Summer of 2017? Unfortunately – it’s not that easy. The weather does what the weather chooses to do, and we are insignificant to the process.

So if not the weather – what can we change? We can’t change the US or Global economy – it’s simply too big and beyond our reach. We can, however, impact it by who we chose as our leaders – in both the highest office and in Congress.

Yes – we have a vote and it does count. Regardless of how frustrated you may feel about the choices we have this year for President – the decision made as to who controls the Administration and who controls Congress – is important and has a wide-ranging impact. We should not allow ourselves to be passive or to allow our frustration to result in a lack of participation. If you want to bitch about our system – you certainly have that right – but I think it’s important to express your views at the voting booth. Do that and I consider your ticket punched which grants you the right to then complain as we watch the chaos continue!

Granted – while we can’t change the world – we can change our individual worlds. We can take steps to save for retirement, put our estate plan in order, eliminate debt and restructure our plan so that when we reach retirement age – we can enjoy the remaining term and cash in on the stress we endured to get there. As much as I’d like to tell you, “Don’t worry, these things take care of themselves” – it is simply NOT true. If you don’t stop and reassess, change course when the road has turned the wrong way and take action – you will not cross the finish line where you want to be. The flip side, however, is positive – if you do take action – you can change your future and cross the finish line – a winner! You just need to put the effort and time in assessing what needs to be done – and doing it. This is what our FREE seminars are about. Check out what’s coming – we have a Time for the Debt to Fall seminar coming – along with an Estate Planning Seminar – which is focused on what you need if between 20 and 65. There’s a special offer that goes with the Estate Planning Seminar – so you need to check it out!

Enjoy the weather – while it’s here – and go Lions! (Even the Lions can change – eventually!)