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There is the “law” and there is “reality.” When it comes to your legal issues, the “reality” is that you often only have one chance to get it right. What’s critical – is that you have the right information and best assistance available. This is the backbone of the Law and Reality Show and the philosophy of the THAV GROSS law firm. THAV GROSS was started in 1982 by Ken Gross and Charles (“Chuck”) Thav and has been serving the needs of individuals and businesses in the community for 33 years. Chuck Thav passed away in December, 2012 but the firm great tradition continues and we have honored his efforts by retaining his name in the firm name.* Law and Reality is here to introduce you to the legal issues you need to be aware of and to provide you a selection of the best attorneys in each area of law for assistance – from Financial Distress to Business, Estate and Elder Planning to Criminal law, Divorce, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability Issues – these are today’s issues and the reality is that you need and deserve the best possible representation.

History of the Show

Step back to September 2008 — we witnessed gas prices soar to $4.00 + per gallon, the Auto Industry crash, Lehman Brothers go bust and the entire U.S. banking system come a hair from total collapse. Worse yet – our housing market collapsed, leaving the prices of homes down as much as 60% and 12 million homes underwater.

In November, 2008, we started The Financial Crisis Talk Center on WDFN Radio. We did so because we felt the need to have a forum to voice our concerns and to provide a forum for you – the hardworking good people of the United States. As we watched the financial crisis unfold – two truths became abundantly clear – then, now and forever more:

#1 – When things go bad, Banks and Big Business get the bailouts – we don’t.

#2 – The Old Rules – work hard, pay your bills and buy the largest possible home you can NO LONGER APPLY.

Until the crash, people were living large on their available credit with no cash reserves in savings. To a great extent, the same is true today. When the economy faltered, we witnessed banks slash the available credit of its credit card holders and businesses – when their customers had never missed a payment. Suddenly, people had no savings and no available credit. Worse yet, many suffered major income declines from lost jobs and no longer existing overtime. The bailout occurred – but not for the consumer – only for big business. There’s a lesson here – and that is, when things get tough, credit evaporates. This means – you must learn to avoid the credit card trap and build savings for emergencies and retirement.

The financial crisis did have some benefits. THAV GROSS’s history is as a business firm serving the needs of individuals and business since 1982. Using a business law approach, we developed a new discipline called “Financial Crisis Management” in which we employ creative strategies to find the optimal strategy to shed debt at the least cost and in the most efficient manner. The sooner your debt is eliminated, the quicker you will be able to save for retirement and build wealth. If you visit a bankruptcy attorney – he will want you to file bankruptcy because that is all he does. The same holds true of a tax professional who claims he can solve your tax problem and the company that claims they can settle your credit card debt. They are each looking to fit you into their service – it’s not hard to understand. Financial Crisis Management take the opposite approach. At Thav Gross, we provide all of these services, so our process is to determine which of the services create the smartest fit to shed the debt the fastest and at the least cost. Our mantra is simple, “Preserve future income for you and your family.”

In September of 2014, we changed our name to Law and Reality and used the opportunity to expand the show’s topics to include the other areas of law that our listeners and viewers have asked us to include. Our site has been designed to provide up to date information on the Legal Issues you face. We want to thank you for listening and watching Law and Reality and taking the time to visit our site. We encourage you to join the Law and Reality Fan Club and welcome the opportunity to assist you in facing today’s legal issues.


The Law and Reality Team

*THAV GROSS not affiliated with THAV LAW or THAV & RYKE. The firm Michiganders have been relying upon for 33 years is THAV GROSS. Jeffrey Thav and Andrew Thav are not affiliated with or members of THAV GROSS.

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