A Lesson from Prince and Abe Lincoln

Over the years, we hear of a celebrity dying without a will. Prince is the most recent and the tribulations and problems that are ensuing with his estate are constantly in news (that is when Donald Trump’s issues are at rest). Prince was not alone. President Lincoln did not plan on being assassinated at the theater that night and, as it turned out, he did not have a will. There are many more – Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Pablo Picasso, Sonny Bono and Michael Jackson to name a few.

I know – you might be saying – I don’t have an estate like that to worry about so this doesn’t mean much. Perhaps true on the size of your estate – but wrong on the chaos that will arise for your family if you die and have not put your affairs in order and adopted an estate plan. It begins before you die – what if you are disabled and can’t act for yourself? What if you are in the hospital or nursing facility and you have not provided a Healthcare Power to allow your advocate to decide the level of care to provide in that precarious time when many of us prefer to go quietly rather than to be dragged through misery? Then – what about when you pass? Who gets your property? More importantly and something that occurs with virtually everyone – no matter how big or small the estate – who decides who gets what – how are the assets divided, etc.?

A proper estate plan is NOT expensive, allows you to avoid hardships while living (so your family does not need to run to Court to be appointed your guardian and conservator) and spares your family hardship after you pass – by deciding in advance who gets what and how it’s going to be – and making sure your children and loved ones are protected – so if you provide for them – the fruits of your life’s work do not end up going to their creditors.

Prince, Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Picasso – and the rest – did a great service to or world by sharing their talent and improving our lives. Too bad – they didn’t do themselves the service of addressing their estates. You should not make that mistake. It’s easy. Attend our FREE Seminar that is this Wednesday evening – It’s Too Late to Protect Your Children When You’re DEAD – You Need an Estate Plan! Best of all – attendees will receive a Gold Certificate for $300.00 off the cost of any estate plan. Sign up below.
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